Oh my goodness, it's snowing over here in jolly 'ol England for the first time in about a year or so! Rather being trapped inside all day, wanking to yiff and ASCII pr0n (only the best for me!) I decided to go outside with me two dogs (Albert and Rue) to see what the weather was outside!

So then, here is the first photo taken by me Mum of lovely Rue, admittedly this was taken on the 9th (and not the 10th), but still, a nice photo.

This photo was taken off the path, it seems that some people have been here before us...

Oh golly gee, it looks like we found the field that we're going to fuck around on!

Yep, nothing much to say about this one, only just "hey, it's more snow, how cool yeah"

Don't you just love snow?

Here is another photo of Rue, this time by my Dad's legs!!

Once again, you can see my Dad's legs. This is the first photo that Albert is in (yeah, he needs to wear some layers because he's a spaz), also Rue seems to be winking ;3

More of Rue and Albert, who seems to be eating some of the snow... okay.

What are you, uh, looking at then? 0/0

What's this wanker doing then?

Virgin snow

Final photo (Thank God!) of a canal bridge, I showed my sister this photo and to quote her it looks "quite nice", thanks sis!

Overall, it was quite a nice walk in the snow, but I'm very happy to be inside a nice warm house with a fire! Jolly good old chap!

Hope you like the pics Archie and Ben!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-12-10.

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