Some YouTube Videos You May or May Not Like

YouTube is the new TV and you bloody well know it! TV is deader... or more dead? then a certain webring ;-) God, I'm getting off track here. Look, here are some YouTube videos that you may like - or not, I can't guarantee that you'll like them. Oh, also this is in no order at all, this is just new videos that I found and just happened to enjoy.

The Summoning

So, what do you get if you cross a cat with black magic? Well, you get a fun little cartoon about a cat who wants to "take care" of some scum. This cartoon is by Frederator Studios' and Sony Pictures Animation....hmmm, Sony Pictures Animation? Oh yeah, the guys who made The Emoji Movie but didn't make Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye. I'll only forgive Sony if they make this into a full series of its own.

Who is the lantern man in Phantom of the Opera?

For over ten years, one of my favourite and most consistent YouTubers was (and still is) James Rolf, I've always loved AVGN, but his movie reviews and insights fascinate me with just how much he knows on a, let's admit it, niche subject. In this particular video, he talks about a weird part in the Phantom of the Opera. I know I'm going to go slightly off subject here, but it was also James Rolf who informed me that the Pink Floyd song, Echos, sounds a lot like Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera main theme. What's up with that?

Homer Molests Bart

Yeah, I know it's a dumb video, but it made me laugh. Probably did that because I'm a horrible human being who would find such an evil thing funny.

Baby Driver's Tape Scratching Machine

Interesting video about the Califone Card Master that was used in the 2017 movie Baby Driver - a movie that is now surrounded by speculation. I feel like I've used this - or at least a similar device once when I was a young OwlMan going to primary school, I'm not so sure about that, ever since I was dropped on my head as a child while falling down Big Ben I don't know much about anything anymore.

The Dangers of UK Safety Socket Covers

Video that demonstrates the dangers of most (child) socket covers, that were used a lot in the UK. For some reason I have a large knowledge of UK plug sockets, I guess that would be helpful in a pub quiz or something like that, but hey, IDK man. I sure found the video interesting, but maybe if you don't know anything about UK plug sockets then you probably won't care about the video at hand, so as a bonus video if it were, here's Tom Scott talking about how British plugs are better than all other plugs.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little list of some YouTube videos I like, if enough people did enjoy the list and you want me to do a second, you can always tell me on my Neocities' page and of cause if you didn't like the list of sorts, I might only do this a couple of more times. Anyway, have a good'en, yeah.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-11-15.