A Real DM I Received on DeviantArt

Not so long ago I saw that someone posted on the DA forums advertising their Discord Server, the title went on the lines of "Want To Join My Discord?" - I posted in the thread just one thing; "No".

They sent me a DM on DA, at the time I was unsure if they were fucking around with me, but after looking on their DA journal history page, I've come to the conclusion that their, well, not alright in the head department.

Regardless if they were messing around with me or not, I removed their name.

Oh, I'll also like to point out that I'm not a troll, altho I do post shitty MS Paint art on DA, so take that anyway you like.

A DA User said the following:
That no wasn't needed c: next time just don't comment

14jammar said the following:
I comment a lot on DA, I don't know what you're talking about

A DA User said the following:
On a post about asking people to join my discord You posted no just to be funny or some sort of stupid shit

14jammar said the following:

A DA User said the following:
Don't comment random bullshit on my things. I don't appreciate it. And I am NOT a patient person.

14jammar said the following:
I can't tell if this is a joke or not. All I wrote was "No" - who cares?

A DA User said the following:
Obviously me. I despise trolls, they're pathetic and need to get a fucking life.

14jammar said the following:
That's a good point you got there about hating trolls. So why do you keep on talking to me if you think I'm a troll? You're feeding the "troll" if it were.

Also, the part where you said that I need to get a life is weird as I'm not the one who is upset about someone writing "No" in a thread I made.

A DA User said the following:
Look you whiny cunt. I've had a god AWFUL fucking morning and I don't need pathetic little worms such as yourself shoving your fucking bullshit whiny trolling "no" in my god damn face. your comment wasn't needed. Shut your stupid mouth or I'll just fucking block you.

Least you care about me ohhhh sooo much that you're snooping

14jammar said the following:
Honestly, you can do what you like, I couldn't care less about being blocked; it's one less rude person in my life. All I said was "No" and you insult me by calling me a whiny cunt. I'm the whiny cunt? I'm not the one who went out of their way to DM some random person who put a comment that you didn't like on a post I made.

A DA User said the following:
It would have been in the comments if I didn't take it down. So either way I would have told you that you're being fucking annoying. You're like snot filled asshole boy in 1st grade and does purposely rude but very small things so you can just softly piss people off and then you do it to someone that doesn't take that kind of childish picking and you go "oh man whatcha freaking out for it was just a little thing"

Take it back playground cause it doesn't belong near me. I am an adult with adult problems that are being more annoying that fucking usual, I use this site to help make extra money at home. I don't fucking come here for bullshit comments.

A DA User blocked 14jammar

14jammar was going to write:
For an adult, you're sure acting like a child. I'm not sure anymore if you're trolling me or not; if you are then you're doing a very good job, but if you're not trolling, and you're being dead serious, then this is getting sad.

It's sad how you are making such a big thing over a comment you could have brushed off, it's sad how you act like a child by using swear words like it's in fashion.

I think I'm not the one who needs to grow up, but you.

Woah mama, that was a thing.

Have a nice day.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-08-28.