I'm Quitting Neocities

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Hello there everyone, Clive here. I am writing this to inform you that I have decided to stop using Neocities for a number of reasons. I know that you're all very sorry and upset to see your favourite site, owlman.neocities.org, leaving but I feel like I am wasting my own time on this site if I stay any longer.

I will be deleting this website by the 20th of August and I will be moving my site to the super web host, Wix.com, where I will be free of any criticism simply because there is no community (more on that later).

I would thank people like Jake Online, Froge, strata and I guess more people for being kind and warm spirited, but I dislike all of you and hope to never speak to any of you people again ever in my life. So that's that.

I wanted to inform you all why I have chosen to leave this Hell hole of a web host, so here I go...

Reasons Why I'm Quitting...

1. There is no FTP uploading. I'm not joking, no FTP. If you haven't ever used Neocities, you probably won't be wondering, "SO THEN ALMIGHTY CLIVE FORWARD SLASH OWLMAN, HOW THE FLIP DO YOU UPLOAD YOUR FILES TO NEOCITIES THEN?" Well, you need to DRAG AND DROP all of your files and folders to the site to upload them. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHAT IS THIS, THE STONE AGE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As someone who has a very big website, this has become a problem because I like to move my files around all of the time just to mess with people. I know that you can delete files and folders, but that's too hard. SO FUCK YOU NEOCITIES FOR NOT HAVING FTP! Cunts.

2. The community is cancer. Despite that Neocities is a website host first and a community second and that I can turn off people writing on my wall, I dislike the community because most websites are GAY vapewave sites, DUMB kids and worst of all there are people who support Trump. Fuck off. What I find to be the worst thing about the community is the lack of minion websites. I have searched all around for minion sites and found NOTHING. Come on guys, bring your game up.

3. You're doing Neocities wrong. That's right, whenever I see a website that looks like it was made in the 90's my blood boils so much. Why can't you people see that Neocities is not your Geocities renaissance? Are you all brain dead or something? I wish people could build websites as good as mine, but I guess you can't all be blessed.

4. Neocities is slow. Just because I live in the middle of nowhere, have a slow Internet connection, use Windows 95 and use IE, the website Neocities is slow. This is not on. Why should it be me who needs to get a better computer made in this century? Don't they know that I use Windows 95 + IE for the nostalgia reasons? (Even tho I was born in 2007)


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- Clive "James" Python
Founder of OwlMan

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Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-08-17.