A Real Font T And C

Note that I am not defending any of the things listed.

A short time ago I downloaded the font know as "DK Sugary pancake" (AKA the font The Odd 1's Out uses) and the T&C is quite something...


[You may not use the font for]

i. pornographic, derogatory, defamatory or racist material (in any form, printed or virtual);
ii. activities in support of or depictions of child abuse, child pornography or in activities that use, foster or promote child labour;
iii. use by individuals or companies involved in any abuse and/or destruction of natural resources and/or habitat, logging (even legal), palm oil exploitation/harvesting, tuna fishing, whaling, animal or human trafficking, oil and/or gas drilling or the transporting and mining of such products or persons;
iv. use by individuals or companies promotingan unhealthy lifestyle , including, but not limited, to fast food, energy drinks, foods containing GM ingredients);
v. use by companies or persons involved in Genetic Modification / Genetic Alteration of organisms;
vi. use by individuals or companies involved in fur trade, or making use of fur;
vii. use by missionaries, individuals or institutions of any creed or faith for the purpose of converting others to their creed or faith;
viii. use in navigation devices, embedding and Webfont use; and
ix. use to instigate or support of terror, hate, intolerance, fear or racism

List of things you can't use the font for that are illegal

  • Child abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Child labour
  • Logging (note that this covers illegal logging)
  • Whaling
  • Animal or human trafficking
  • Support of terror

Yeah, because if I was doing anything illegal, my top priority would be to make sure I could use a font.

What the font looks like, note rule iv

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-06-25.