Post Death. 19?? - 2017

Sons of the silent age. Make love only once but dream and dream. Don't walk, they just glide in and out of life. They never die, they just go to sleep one day.

- David Bowie

Hello there everyone, Xx_OwlMan_xX here to bore you about what crap I did for the week I didn't update the site. Well, to make a long story short, I went on holiday! That's right, fam, holiday!

I went to West Wales to enjoy the sun - and yes, it was very sunny and hot. I've been going to Wales for most years now and it's just great, it's such a nice part of the UK! I stayed in an old cottage that was about a five-minute walk away from the local beach and it was very fun, woot!

You must pop by The UK one day, if I ever see you, I'll buy you a pint.

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Okay, this e-log this is getting out of hand, let's stop talking about it! Let's talk about YouTube!

So on YouTube there are many unknown content creaters, one fairly unknown channel is Georg Rockall-Schmidt who does wholesome family reviews on very epic Minion toys -- well, maybe not. He really does videos looking at one particular subject relating to a movie in some way.

Some of my favourite videos of his are The Thing VS The Thing: The Value of Practical Effects, Why Ghostbusters 2016 Flopped, How The Rambo Movies Changed and my personal favourite one being England Explained In 10 Minutes - A Bizarre Summary.

I quite enjoy watching Georg's videos as they are very down to Earth and quite well made. I would highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel as he has hardly any followers.

A particular video theme I like from him is "How The X Movies Have Changed" - I feel like that he does a good job of explaining how a movie series has evolved.

Anywayz, I need to go now as there might be something good on the telly right now.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-06-04.