Why do you have to die to be a hero? It's a shame a legend begins at its end. Why do you have to die if you're a hero When there's still so many things to say unsaid?

Judas Priest

Hello there guys and gals, it is your BFF, OwlMan (and if the voices get too strong I will soon be a DeadMan) here to talk about why the Hell I haven't updated this part of the site in a very long time!

Well, simply put, I have two lives; the online world where I can be whoever I want to be and the real world where I have deeds to do. As of late the real world, as it were, has become very busy with important things I need to do. This is why in part, I haven't uploaded a real long article for about a month or so.

Anyway! You more than likely don't give one shit about my boring real life!

So, what should I talk about on this page? Oh, I know.

What do you think happens when you die? Is there a god looking down? Is there a Hell?

What do I think?

I'll tell you what happens when you die, you become worm meat.

Is there a god? Is Father Christmas real?

Is there a Hell? If there is I'm going there.

I was thinking the other day about how many people follow this site on Neocities, like, why follow my site? All of my work is flat and boring, how on Earth anyone would want to follow me is crazy, but thank you anyway!

Anyway, I love you and if I don't post past Friday you know what happened.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-05-24.