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Today I was on YouTube watching Lazy Town maymays when I found "The Mine Song" and somehow I found out that there was a British English version of it.

Growing up in the UK I sometimes watched Lazy Town on (I think) the channel Nick JR. and later on CBBC. It's weird to think that there are two versions of a TV show. For some reason, I had forgotten the British version.

I feel like most people don't give one shit while reading this - but look if you did watch Lazy Town at the time and grew up in The UK, can you remember the British accents? Tell me, I must know!

The Trap Door

Even tho I grew up in the early 2000s my childhood was made up of old VHS tapes consisting of old British shows from the 1980s. One of my favourite tapes to watch was The Trap Door - a show that is very much monster-of-the-week but gets away with being boring by how fun the show can get.

About two months ago I rewatched the entire show on YouTube and I was unsurprised that it was still good.

Also, the intro by Zygott kicks arse.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2017-05-01.