Meme Fest

By Clive Python | 14jammar

The year is 2017, a man with no past political experience is in the White House, some genius at Sony is making an emoji movie and now there is going to be a meme festival. No, this is not a sick joke.

Yes, for just c. 13.86 Dollarydoos you can get a ticket to go on Friday the 21st of April 2017 at The Colonial Hotel in Melbourne!

As the Meme Fest writes on their Eventbrite page;

Have you got to get away from your Crazy Girlfriend for the night? Or are you just cray cray for Harambe? We are holding a meme fest to celebrate all of your beloved memes, from Bad Luck Brian to Success Baby and every meme inbetween!

Help celebrate the night by coming dressed up as your favorite meme and topping it off with our meme cut outs and face masks! There will also be awesome prizes for the best dressed on the night so make sure to channel your inner Yao Ming and rememeber to pay attention to all the meme visuals! And if your still keen for more memes then look no further than our meme themed drinks and free photobooth.

Hop on down just like Pepe the Frog and spend your night listening to all the things Rick Astley is never gonna do and don't forget your sunglasses for Take On Me. Be there or Cash Me Ousside Howbow Dah.

Grage C- See me after class

One thing to point out about the description, apart from the spelling, is that they put "get away from your Crazy Girlfriend", yeah, I think people who are going to go to Meme Fest don't have girlfriends.

Yes, it's really happening, honestly, we're not sure if this is an ironic thing, or if they're being unironic. All we do know is that you might as well burn your money than spend it on this.

Anyway, my opinion doesn't matter, let's see what the nice people of Facebook think about Meme Fest!

Will Harriss writes;

i think this might me the largest gathering of autistic NEETs in history

Yeyint Aung thinks;

Meme Fest is a pretty cool guy. He hosts festivals and doesn't afraid of anything

Meanwhile, Nikita Schilke thinks;


Last but not least Michael Green says;

this is going to be the most autistic normie thing in existance

theres no way im going to miss this shit

Thank you veddy much Facebook, let us see what Twitter thinks of Meme Fest...

@Huxide says;

there's a "meme fest" happening in melbourne...
this is so retarded and the news coverage is even worse
it's even organized via facebook

@jevn11 has some words of wisdom;

Apparently there's a meme fest coming up. Kill me please!!!

And lastly @MrMan9001 says;

#Memefest #Memes Hahaha guys this is great

God help us all, Australia was a mistake

Hahaha! Yes, it sure was a mistake!

Update: Was "Meme Fest" Even Real?


I feel like I'm missing something, after looking around on the Web for any evidence that Meme Fest really took place, I found nothing, it's almost like it never happened. There are no articles talking about it happening, there are no videos of the event, there are no photos of it, nothing at all - even the Facebook page for the event goes to a 404 page. Was Meme Fest even a thing, or was it like Dashcon and one giant scam?

If I didn't know better, I would have said that Meme Fest was just a joke that got out of hand, but it couldn't have been as the organizers were selling tickets for money for an event at The Colonial Hotel - a hotel that's website was made well before Meme Fest was known about. I even tried searching Colonial Hotel's website for any information about Meme Fest, but as I expected I found nothing. It's weird that an event called "Meme Fest" had no photo/video proof, surely someone would have taken some evidence of it happening, but nope, there is nothing, it's almost like it never happened.

Did it even take place? Who knows. Does anyone care? I guess I somewhat do, as I'm doing an update to this page and in the past, I have even asked for people to contact me if they have any information, but alas, nothing has come up


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 18/02/17.*/