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So, two Judas Priest Fans commit suicide because of a song, Weird Al does a song about wanking and some guy names his band "Kunt and the Gang" - that ain't shit compared to the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

Formed in 1984 in Oslo by guitarist Øystein "Destructor" Aarseth, bassist Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud and drummer Kjetil Manheim, taking their band name from the Venom song "Mayhem with Mercy", the band would become synonymous with death and destruction.

So far the band has had 19 memebers.

Per "Dead" Ohlin

[Dead] wasn't a guy you could know very well. I think even the other guys in Mayhem didn't know him very well. He was hard to get close to. I'd met him maybe six to eight times, in all. He had lots of weird ideas. I remember Aarseth was talking about him and said he did not have any humour. He did, but it was very obscure. Honestly, I don't think he was enjoying living in this world.

- Drummer and convicted murderer, Bård Guldvik "Faust" Eithun

Born on the 16th of January 1969, Per "Dead" Ohlin suffered from sleep apnea and at ten, he suffered internal bleeding when his spleen ruptured, after what he alleged was an ice skating accident. His brother said in an interview that at school Ohlin was bullied - and one day the beatings got out of hand causing the ruptured spleen. He had to be rushed to a hospital, where he was for a time clinically dead. After this near-death experience, he became enthralled with death and dying, and, as a result, was given the pseudonym "Dead".

Dead would became the lead singer of Mayhem in 1988

It has been reported that unlike most people, Dead would bury his clothes and dig them up again to wear them on stage, Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg the drummer for Mayhem said this about it;

Before the shows, Dead used to bury his clothes into the ground so that they could start to rot and get that grave scent. He was a corpse on a stage. Once he even asked us to bury him in the ground - he wanted his skin to become pale.

In his short lifetime, Dead suffered from suicidal tendencies, it was reported that he would try and cut himself while he was with friends, who would have to subdue him and patch him up.

Although this upset many of his friends, guitarist Euronymous became fascinated with Dead's suicidal tendencies - seemingly because it fit Mayhem's image - and according to them, he encouraged Dead to kill himself.

drummer Kjetil Manheim said tat "I don't know if Øystein did it out of pure evil or if he was just fooling around."

Honestly, the next paragraph is from Wikipedia, but it sums up how fucked up some of the band members were.

By 1991, Dead, Euronymous and Hellhammer were living in a house in the woods near Kråkstad, which was used as a place for the band to rehearse. According to Hellhammer, Dead spent much of his time writing letters and drawing. He "just sat in his room and became more and more depressed". Mayhem bassist Necrobutcher said that, after living together for a while, Dead and Euronymous "got on each other's nerves a lot". Hellhammer recalls that Dead once went outside to sleep in the woods because Euronymous was playing synth music that Dead hated. Euronymous then went outside and began shooting into the air with a shotgun. Varg Vikernes of Burzum claims that Dead once stabbed Euronymous with a knife. He also claims to have sent Mayhem ammunition, including shotgun shells, as a Christmas gift, although he claimed those were not the shells Dead used to kill himself, and that he saved a special shell for his suicide.


On the 8th of April 1991, Dead was left in the house on his own, he would decide to kill himself by slitting his wrists and throat with a knife when this failed he would shoot himself in the forehead with a shotgun killing him.

Dead would leave a suicide letter;

Excuse the blood, but I have slit my wrists and neck. It was the intention that I would die in the woods so that it would take a few days before I was possibly found. I belong in the woods and have always done so. No one will understand the reason for this anyway. To give some semblance of an explanation I'm not a human, this is just a dream and soon I will awake. It was too cold and the blood kept clotting, plus my new knife is too dull. If I don't succeed dying to the knife I will blow all the shit out of my skull. Yet I do not know. I left all my lyrics by "Let the good times roll"—plus the rest of the money. Whoever finds it gets the fucking thing. As a last salutation may I today "Life Eternal". Do whatever you want with the fucking thing. / Pelle.

I didn't come up with this now, but seventeen years ago.

Because of Dead's attitude towards his own life, it is believed by some that he suffered from the rare mental illness known as Cotard delusion - also known as "walking corpse syndrome" - to sum up the mental illness, it is basically when people think that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs.

Dead's body was first found by Euronymous, who did not phone the police first but went to a shop to buy a disposable camera, he would re-arrange some items then take a photo of the body.

After Hellhammer developed the photos, Euronymous promised to destroy the pictures (if they were going to be destroyed why did Hellhammer take the time to developed them?), but ultimately did not. He kept them in an envelope at his record shop called "Helvete". Euronymous allegedly sent one of the pictures to the owner of Warmaster Records in Colombia and it was used as the cover of the 1995 bootleg live album Dawn of the Black Hearts.

Euronymous, being the piece of shit he is, used Dead's suicide to foster Mayhem's "evil" image and claimed Dead had killed himself because death metal had become "trendy" and commercialised.

The death of Dead caused many of Euronymous' friends too - quite understandably - be disgusted by his attitude towards Dead before the suicide and how he was like afterwards. Necrobutcher would end his friendship with Euronymous.

If you want another reason to dislike Euronymous; Manheim would speculate that Euronymous had wilfully left Dead alone in the house so that he would have a chance to kill himself.

Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth

Born on the 22nd of March 1968, Øystein Aarseth would co-found Mayhem in 1984. He would also form the now defunct independent record label "Deathlike Silence Productions" in the late 1980's.

After Euronymous was a total psycho to Dead and may or may not have caused Dead's death, a rumour had came out that he made a stew with bits of Dead's brain and had made necklaces with bits of his skull (the latter of the two rumors is most likely true) as he gave the necklaces to musicians he deemed worthy, which was confirmed by several other members of the scene, like Bård "Faust" Eithun, Metalion and Morgan Håkansson.

Euronymous would be killed on the 10th of August 1993 by Varg Vikernes (as seen on the left. Born Kristian Vikernes, legally Louis Cachet). He would be found outside of his flat with 23 cut wounds – two to the head, five to the neck and sixteen to the back.

I believe in a horned devil, a personified Satan. In my opinion all the other forms of Satanism are bullshit. [...] Satanism comes from religious Christianity, and there it shall stay. I'm a religious person and I will fight those who misuse His name. People are not supposed to believe in themselves and be individualists. They are supposed to OBEY, to be the SLAVES of religion

- Euronymous in an interview by Esa Lahdenperä early August 1993

Vikernes' trial began on the 2nd of May 1994; he was represented by lawyer, journalist and comedian Stein-Erik Mattsson.

On the 16th of May 1994, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison (Norway's maximum penalty) for the murder of Euronymous, the arson of three churches, the attempted arson of a fourth church and for the theft and storage of 150kg of explosives.

He would be let out in 2014 with six months of probation and a fine of €8,000. He now lives in Limousin, France with his wife, as of 2017, he has 6 children and has stated he plans to have more.

Dead (left) and Euronymous (right)


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