Kunt and the Gang

By Clive Python | 14jammar

There's a lot of perverts on the internet, trying to chat up girls and get their ding-dongs wet, I am one but don't tell my mum, cos if she finds out then I'm gonna get done

- Kunt

Somewhere in the darkest, dampest, stickiest part of Basildon, Essex lived a man, he was not a good man, he was not a bad man, he was just a man. His name was Kunt, he made music on the Internet.

Sadly in Kunt's 13-year career, he's had very little fame, this could be for two reasons, one his name and second, what he sings about.

Yeah, if you can't tell by his name, Kunt likes to sing about off-colour subjects, one of his favourites seems to be about wanking, taking it up the arse and B rate celebrities from the UK.

When asked "will you sign my tits / arse / cock / bollocks, etc.?", he said;

I have a strict policy that I only sign ladies' body parts after some bloke asked me to sign his arse cheek one time and just as my pen touched his cheek he farted and followed through. It was fucking disgusting. Since then I have refused to sign blokes' cocks, blokes' bollocks and blokes' arseholes. And don't think you've found a loophole by trying to get me to do that bit in between your bollocks and your arsehole because I'm not doing that either.

This has nothing to do with the artical - I just found it very funny.

Kunt and The Gang, after all, are a gang and you can't have a gang of one - I think - that's why he has a mate, his mate is Litle Kunt - a hand puppet, yes a hand puppet. But he's not a normal hand puppet, he's a normal hand puppet who made a hand puppet album, Kuntrarian, that you can download for free from his website!!!

If you get easily offended then you should not play KATG, or else. But, if you're a bad person like I am, then you may like the music.... or not, I don't know you...


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 23/02/17.