Kingdom of Lovely

By Clive Python | 14jammar

The Kingdom of Lovely is not really a real place, as it only on the Internet and has no land of its own. Lovely was started by King Danny I (Danny Wallace, a British comedian) for the T.V. programme, How to Start Your Own Country, that aired on BBC Two in 2005.

The programme was about King Danny I going around the world and meeting people who know about that short of stuff, like Dennis Hope, who in 1980 claimed the moon for himself (Hope does not really own the moon)

However in later years less and less people are going to (Lovely's capital city (I only say that it is the capital city only because it is the home page for Lovely)) this is probably because it is a joke that is now old.

The national anthem of the Kingdom of Lovely is called is called 'National anthem of the Kingdom of Lovely by Banks & Wag' sang by King Danny I

Full name: The Kingdom of Lovely
Capital city:
Area: N/A
Established: 1st of January 2005 58,165 (as of 1st of December 2007)
National Anthem: National anthem of the Kingdom of Lovely by Banks & Wag
Currency: Occupational Unit (IOU)
Time zone: GMT, BST in Summer (UTC+1)
Date format: mm/dd/yyyy i.e. 08/25/1984
Drive on the left, right hand steering wheel (despite there being no roads)
To call the Lovly out side of Lovly: +44 01 811 8055
ISO 3166 code: N/A
Internet TLD: .net
P.O. Box: N/A



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