The Internet of Things

By Clive Python | 14jammar

The Internet of Things (or just IoT) is the idea in computer science. The idea is that ordinary objects such as like lights, fridges, door l ocks etc can be connected to a computer network to make them intelligent.

They have embedded system or a computer connects that will connect them to the Internet; this will allow people to control objects that are connected. People will be able to turn down the volume on their TV, they will be able to turn off light bulbs and if you want you can make toast with a toaster connected to the Internet.

You would think that IoT is a new thing, but you'll be wrong; in fact people have been discussing the idea for years now, the first IoT was in 1990, where Dan Lynch, President of the Interop Internet networking show, told John Romkey at the 1989 show that he would give him star billing the following year if he connected a toaster to the Internet.

Just like with Google and Facebook privacy is an issue here; your toaster can collect a lot of personal data about you and your family. If you have a smart meter it can know when you're home and what electronics you use when you're there - and it's shared with other devices and held in databases by companies.

If that's not bad enough, some Security experts have been able to hack into a number of devices, including baby monitors, automated lighting and smart fridges and even city-wide systems such as traffic signals.

One good side about this is that not many people have connected appliances, so not many hackers see the effort into hacking into a toaster when they could just hack into a computer or mobile phone.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 15/09/16.*/