Woman Takes Dog to Furry Con

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Reporting late news by Clive "James" Python. That's "Python" as "pi fun" not "pi fon" you fucking American twat.

Anyway, after days of me not writing anything I decided to write about this woman who took her doggo to a furry con by miskake.

God, this website is going downhill.

The story goes on the lines of Cheryl Wassus (who works for Pets for Vets) got invited to the 2017 Motor City Furry Convention, being that Wassus is a normie she had no idea what a "furry" is - it would have been for the best if it was kept that way. Now normies all around the world know about furries - not that I am a furry.

When Cheryl Wassus was invited to the convention she assumed that she and Link, her one-year-old Bernese mountain dog, would be spending the day at an animal event.

She was kind of right... they were more... anthropomorphized than most doggos....

When asked - by I can only guess to be Madison Malone Kircher of Select All - "what did you think you were walking into on Saturday?" she said this about it;

You know, I have been affiliated with Pets for Vets for a while, and what I try to do is promote the program. I've got a really nice dog who has been trained with the benchmarks [for being a certified therapy dog] ... so it's nice to take Link and get him out there and have him exposed - because he is a young dog - to lots of different things. I really had no idea what to expect going in on Saturday. This organization had chosen us as their charity. They actually solicited us, and adopted us more or less, as their go-to charity for this big function. This is just a whole subculture I wasn't even aware existed. When we set up tables and do promos and educate the public and do outreach, I had no idea the outreach was going to be other human ... furry people. I guess you're never too old to learn.

Her son posted this on Twitter...

The story, that been reported by such websites as The Metro, The Telegraph and Yahoo!


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II. Kenny Wassus on Twitter

Written by Clive "James" Python, 15/04/17.