Fox Dad Review

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Er... Does fox dad use she/her pronouns?

- FreeqAxel asking if Fox DAD uses male or female pronouns.

There comes a time in every man's life where he must decide whether he is a furry or not. Some men make the right decision... others... do not... of cause, at the end of the day, I couldn't care less about if you like to dress up as a rabbit and go to furry meetups to do furry stuff, whatever that means, I haven't looked up what furries do at meets and cons because I'm a Christian who wants to go to Heaven and not H*ck.

Being that the furry community is quite big, it's very hard to not know what a furry is, their everywhere on the Web, they ever took our WebComics!

Fox Dad was first started in 2016 by Michael Young who can sure play a sick riff, the comic stars a bisexual Dad who happens to also be a furry, how a furry managed to get his dick wet is beyond me, so to see that furry can also be dad's I searched up "furry dad" on DuckDuckGo and I wished I hadn't. Honestly, I've seen much worse things in my life online than gay pr0n, but there is a time and a place to watch that sort of stuff.

What I want to know is how often does the dad get out of his fursuit, does he wash it reality? I hope so, I bet it smells like sweat and regret - just like my bedroom! But no, as it turns out, Fox Dad probably stays in his suit while using the bath.

Compared to other WebComics I read, it's quite cute and has a soft look to it, plus it doesn't follow any story (apart from "Depends" and "My Two Dads") so it's quite easy to start reading the comic at any point and still understand what is going on.

Fox Dad has no offensive or NSFW content in any comic and is quite family friendly - not that you would want to read it with any family members around - and because it's so family friendly I honestly can't really find anything wrong with it, it's just a fun little comic to read now and then.

The comic for me is a "so bad it's good" - as in, the majority of the jokes that are made are furry related (i.e. any of the pages) and I'm told that the jokes are using "Furspeech" - a language that shares ideas with l33t, mostly because only spastics use it - and even though the comic is made up of Furspeech puns, it's quite easy for a none-furry like myself to understand the jokes.

What I don't like about the comic;

  • It has used some memes in the past, for example, the comic "Antlers" uses a variant of "did you just assume my gender?" and using any meme can seriously age a product.
  • Some of the puns are cringe-worthy and aren't funny.
  • The comic has used some references to other media, so if you haven't seen said media, you're not going to get the joke (e.g. "Highland Cows" and "Favourite Character")

What I think the comic can inprove on;

  • Stop using so many puns.
  • Have an over-arching story (saying that, a lot of WebComics such as Cyanide & Happiness do fine with not having one at all).

What I like about it;

  • The comic has a cute style to it with likeable characters.
  • It has a lot of funny faces, especially from Claire the daughter, who doesn't share the rest of her family's interest in furries.
  • The comic has some fucking weird parts to it.

In the end, would I recommend Fox Dad to anyone? Well yeah, I guess I would, I'd recommend it to furries and people who want a quick read.

The whole idea of Fox Dad is easily summed up in the website's bio; "He's a dad, dressed as a fox" and that's it, it's a comic about a Dad who is a furry. The end.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 13/12/17.*/