Farmer Kills Son For Money

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Please note: This article only has one reference and may not be true.

You may recall that sometime in early 2017 we reported that a woman was kept in a septic tank by her brother for Black Magic. The aim of this was so that he would become rich - it would seem that his aim worked.

According to Best Gore user Vincit Omnia Veritas and brainfart008, in Amanso Amenfi, Wassa Amenfi District, Ghana a 31-year-old farmer named Abdul Salam (as seen on the right) allegedly decapitated and dismembered his 6-year-old son to use his body parts in a black magic ritual so he would become rich.

The Best Gore article says that the farmer reportedly intended to send the head and the legs to a spiritualist who would perform a ritual to help him get more money.


Farmer Kills 6 Year Old Son for Black Magic Ritual in Ghana - Best Gore [NSFW/NSFL], there are a lot of banner ads, so usa an ad block [Internet Archive,]

Written by Clive "James" Python, 01/05/17.*/*