Buttman 3D: The Best Games of 1994

"you need a good sense of humour" Yeah, right. Or maybe you just need to be retarded.

- Anonymous, on Doomworld

Are you a 13-year-old boy in 1994 who thinks religion is dumb, no-one gets you, and who hates his school, man? If so (and you have also been dropped on the head more than 16 times times this week), then you are sure to love Buttman 3D for DOOM! It doesn't matter weather you're a spastic, a glue eater, or just bad at life, you are sure to love this really funny, and very well-made WAD.

Buttman 3D is a really smart mod for any Doom IWAD, that replaces the imp sprites with a little green-like troll, that, rather than chucking fireballs at the player, will bend-over, and FART OUT a fireball - this will, of cause, make anyone LOL really hard, so hard in fact, that you might break a rib or two.

Buttman 3D running on Crispy Doom version 5.1, with Doom I

Comparing Buttman to other so-called "comedy" shows is quite insulting to say the least; Monty Python, The Young Ones, and Black Books look like tragedies in comparison to this MAGNUM OPUS of Doom WADs. It should be a honour to take the time out of your life to play Buttman 3D. You should be thankful to play this WAD. This WAD will become your new life.


I. Buttman 3D - Doomworld/idgames

Written by Clive "James" Python, 15/09/18