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Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important

- John Carmack

Look, I fucking love Doom and you do too unless you've never played it... Even in the year it's still fucking great to play, if Doom was a man I would more than happily suck their dick for free.

I've never been into computer games at all, one of the last games I played was Jet Set Willy in 2009, sure I played lots of flash games on Newgrounds and on Nitrome but never got into the game so much that I wanted to write an article about it.

The first time I played Doom was... well crap, I did not know about all the ports, such as ZDoom, QZDoom and even QZDoom. No, I used DosBox to run Doom II. This was a bad idea as, well, the game looked like crap, there was no sound at all and the only way to run was by pressing down Shift all the time.

Until I used QZDoom I had no idea what I was missing out on. Holy crap, the first thing that will hit you will be the music. Bobby Prince, who worked on a lot of games by id Software and Apogee Software, was really on his game for Doom, from start to finish, Doom is full of great metal songs of that era. Many of the songs were inspired by or closely mirror pop rock and metal songs, from groups like Alice in Chains, Metallica, Pantera and Slayer. Call it an inspiration or a homage; you can't tell me you don't love it. One of the highlights for me would be the Endgame Music.

Doom II

How do you improve a masterpiece? It's very hard to. Is Doom II a masterpiece? Doom II is admittedly bigger; bigger maps, more monster and a new weapon, but it is sadly not as good as the first. Many of the maps don't look like what they're meant to be, an example of this would be the city levels that look nothing like a city.

Another being monsters, where the monsters in Doom were evenly matched, the monsters in Doom II take the piss. Just look at Arch-viles.

But does Doom II have an upside? Yes. The super shotgun; the lord of all weapons, if playing with the normal shotgun was fun, imagine playing with two in one.

WADs and Mods

Here are some Doom WADs I really like and hope you like 'em too;

  • If I've ever seen a joke WAD done well, it's YakWorld, made in 1994 this mod is somehow fun to play more than 20 years on.
  • Doomguy takes some magic mushrooms to relax. Shrooms. Play it. Best WAD.
  • Monastery of Apostasy is a fun little WAD that I love to speedrun, check it out
  • The Unholy Trinity seems to be one of the first good mods for Doom that aren't really short in size. Trinity also had the honour of being named one of the best 100 WADs for 1994, if being one of the best WADs is not a good reason to play it, I don't know what is.
  • Everyone loves Donald Trump, especially me! So why not play as him in Trump Doom?


Being that Doom was a hit success for id and a lot of people have played it, less have made mods for the game, of these people is Eric Harris, one of the two Columbine High School shooters. As it turns out, Eric was quite the fan of Doom, he even made his own mods for the game.

Most of the mods are... well, bad in a design point of view, the only mod worth your time is uaclabs.wad

Doom, alongside The Matrix and Marilyn Manson, had the honour of being the blame for 15 (including Harris and Klebold) deaths and 24 non-fatal injuries.

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