Don't copy That Floppy II

By Clive Python | 14jammar

In early 2017 I talked about the anti-piracy 1992 movie "Don't Copy That Floppy" and to be honest with you I quite liked it, it had a lot of charm to it, even tho I didn't whole heartily agree with the subject matter.

As it turns out, in 2007 piracy was still a big thing, but not with floppy disks, but with CDs. This ain't your mom's Floppy Disks my 🅱igger.

The movie opens up with the cast watching a program on TV that is shitting on the old Don't Copy That Floppy, like come on, the 90's PIF, while it uses old tech, still holds up. Like Jesus Christ.

The movie of the year 2007 goes to....

The 2007 PIF just seems mean to the audience, the old one is light-hearted and fun to watch. This one is just crap.

Many people on YouTube have pointed out that in the old DCTF it was about you shouldn't copy things because people worked hard on them, but in the new DCTF it's about you shouldn't copy things or you'll go to jail. The old one shows the effects to the people we pirate from and we feel pity for them. This one is just a kick to the balls.

As I said, the old one is still the better of the two - it puts a face on computer game/software/etc makers, this one just shows soulless companies.

Oh - and the music in both are okay.

I would also like to point out that in the film it shows someone at id software and behind them is the Doom logo - now that just sums up what new id is like. Come on, one of the reasons why id became so big was because of shareware and people copying Wolf 3D and Commander Keen.

Andrew Cutler on YouTube wrote this about the video...

I like how we're told about a 15 year old being tried as an adult for a non-violent crime, and that's just supposed to be taken in stride. I like the accidental honesty of PSAs that have dropped the message of "Don't do this crime because it hurts people" in favour of messages like "Don't do this crime because society is messed up and will punish you disproportionately for relatively (if not totally) harmless offenses."

Just watch the original.


CD from A.N. Lucas [Internet Archive,]

Written by Clive "James" Python, 20/04/17.*/