Don't copy That Floppy

Clive "James" Python

Remember floppy disks? No, either do I, but I looked them up on Wikipedia and according to them, they are disk storage, like a USB, yeah, what a shite intro.

The only reason why someone would still want to use a floppy disk is probably because they have a warez copy of Commander Keen or Wolf 3D and don't know what the Internet Archive is for.

It would seem that in the 90's illegal copies of software was quite popular, so popular in fact that the Software Publishers Association (now Software & Information Industry Association) produced the gem known as "Don't Copy That Floppy", a great public information film that shows the side-effects of making illegal copies of software.

The SPA idea of telling children not to make warez copies of stuff is to act rad 'n' kewl, man. You can tell if this was made today it would have hashtags, memes and be, as the kids say "cringy". There seems to be something innocent about this PIF, like the people who made it were unaware that the movie is extremely cheesy.

The movie of the year 1992 goes to....

For the love of God, don't tell them about shareware.

One more thing, if you watched the credits you would have seen that there was one Craig Dykstra, who was a programmer for AOL, who in 2010 was charged with hiding a camera during post-prom party full of underage teens... yikes.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 15/01/17.*/