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And strangers will be filled with your strength And your hard-earned goods will go to the house of an alien; And you groan at your final end, When your flesh and your body are consumed; And you say, "How I have hated instruction! And my heart spurned reproof!"

Proverbs 5:10-12

Cannibalism is nothing new, it has been around for many, many years. One of the first mentions of it was by Flavius Josephus during the siege of Jerusalem by Rome in 70 AD. "As soon as she had said this, she slew her son, and then roasted him, and eat the one half of him."

Cannibalism has also happened in the 20th century, such as in 1921-22 during the Russian famine (AKA The Povolzhye famine). Where an estimated 6 million people died, primarily affecting the Volga and Ural River regions of the Soviet Union.

Much later in 1988 Canadian "artist" Rick Gibson ate donated human tonsils in Walthamstow High Street, London. One year later he ate a slice of human testicle in Lewisham High Street also in London. As England does not have laws against cannibalism, he legally ate a canapé.

I was given a bottle of preserved human tonsils by a friend of mine in London. He was hoping that I would make a pair of earrings out of them. Instead, I decided to eat them.

Preserved in alcohol, they made a wonderful canape. By eating this hors d'oeuvre at 1:30 PM on 19 July 1988 at the corner of Erskine Road and the High Street in Walthamstow Market, I became the first cannibal in British history to legally eat human meat in public.

A year later, I publicly ate a slice of human testicle next to the Lewisham Clock Tower. England is a marvellous country because it has no laws against cannibalism.

Keep in mind that this was nothing new to Gibson, in 1984 he made an "art" piece called "Fetus earrings". The title says it all really. Most of his art, if you can even call it that seems to be just shock art.

Meiwes and Brandes

One of the most known incidents of cannibalism happen in March of 2001. Armin Meiwes, a German man born in 1961 who had developed a fetish for cannibalism over his lifetime and even dreamed of having a brother who would willingly let him eat him (Meiwes was an only child).

He put up a thread on the now offline site Cannibal Cafe saying that he was seeking a young man willing to be slaughtered and eaten. The ad was answered by Bernd Jürgen Brandes.

On 9th of March 2001, the two men met up at a train station an hour drive from Meiwes's home. They drove to the small town of Rotenburg where Meiwes lived.

One of Brandes fantasies was for his penis to be cut off and be eaten. He also wanted him being cut-up to be filmed. Meiwes agreed to this and filmed over two hours. The footage confiscated tape is currently held by the German authorities.

There are four alleged screenshots from the film. Keep in mind that the screenshots are NSFL.

Brandes wanted for his penis to be bitten off, Meiwes did try to bite it off, however, it was too hard. Meiwes ultimately used a knife to remove Brandes's penis. The two men attempted to eat it, but they could not eat it.

Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw, but could not because it was too tough and "chewy". Meiwes fried the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, wine and garlic. He then fried it with some of Brandes's fat but by then it was too burned to be consumed. He then chopped it up into chunks and fed it to his dog.

Following this, Brandes was placed in a bathtub, where he bled out for 3 hours as Meiwes read a Star Trek novel. He gave Brandes heavy doses of painkillers, sleeping pills and alcohol, kissed him on the forehead and then stabbed him in the throat; in a room specially prepared for the incident.

Meiwes then proceeded to hang the body, before slowly dismantling it. The grisly event was found recorded in its entirety on a two-hour videotape.

Over the 10 months following the killing, Meiwes stored the body parts in his freezer and is said to have eaten up to 20 kilograms of Brandes' flesh. In December of 2002, a college student in Innsbruck phoned the police after seeing new advertisements for victims and details about the killing on the Internet posted by Meiwes (who used the screen name "Franky"). Investigators searched his home and found body parts in the freezer and the videotape of the killing.

30th of January 2004, Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison. In April 2005, a German court ordered a retrial after prosecutors appealed against his sentence. They believed he should have been convicted of murder. Among the questions courts answered is whether Brandes agreed to his killing and whether he was legally capable of doing so at the moment, taking into account his apparent mental problems as well as his significant intake of alcohol.

In May of 2006, a court in Frankfurt convicted Meiwes of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.


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