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Paul is Dead

2016 article talking about the fake conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney, of The Beatles, died in 1966, and was replaced by a look-alike.


Old, but still alright article on the history of cannibalism, along with talking about Meiwes, and Brandes; two people who met up in 2001 for one of the to be eaten by the other.

Crop Circles

Article on the weird world that is crop circles.

Bart Simpson Loves Scientology

Slightly clickbatey title on the 2009 event of when Nancy Cartwright recorded a phone message were she plays Bart Simpson, promoting the Co$

Don't have a cow, man, etc, etc, etc.

Lost Weird Al Song

Lost, then unlost Weird Al song recorded in the early 80s about WanKiNg OfF! Watch out, mothers across the world!

What is Vore?

Fucking weird article about people who get off to people being eaten, but it's not cannibalism, so, uh, yeah...

Don't copy That Floppy

Classic 1992 movie about why it's wrong to make copies of s0ftware you don't own.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Giving an overview of two American school shooter, along with talking about the reaction of the shooting online.

Cannibal Mouse

Weird myth that is now a lost segment of the TV series Mythbusters.

Moon Museum

Simple, and short article about a little museum found on our Moon, with art from Warhol to Rauschenberg.

Methods of Torture and Execution

Grizzly, and quite horrid article that covers the many, many way humans not only torture, but execute each other with; the evil brazen bull, the vile Iron Chair, and most sickening ducking stool are all here. Get your teeth into this!


The strange story of a metal band from Norway.

Judas Priest Fans Commit Suicide

Recalling the time in the 80s where two fans of Judas Priest blew their brains out due to "subliminal" messages in one of Priest's songs.

Luis Ricardo Falero

What's this? Art, on this website? Wow, man.

Luis Ricardo Falero

What's this? Art, on this website? Wow, man.