In late July 2019, YouTuber Quinton Hoover helped find a number of comics by Jim Davis that were thought to have been lost to the sands of time. The comics published were scans from an Indiana newspaper, The Pendleton Times, because of this (and the fact that they were in storage for 40 plus years), the quality of the comics were not the best. The idea of this project is to clean up the old comics, adding new a life to them, and finally adding colour to them.

Everyday for 37 days a new comic will be published online, for your enjoyment (all of the Gnorm Gnat comics were published in one go, as a preview, so in total there are 48 comic strips), so make sure during August and September 2019, you come back here everyday, for a new comic!

Now, as for the copyright, well, this is a fan project, no money has been made from it, and I'm not expecting Paws, Inc. to be sending me a DMCA any time soon, as there have been countless Garfield fan adaptations (Garfield Minus Garfield, Avant Garfield, Garfield Lost in Translation, and Garkov, just to name a few), but just in case they get mad, here is a link to the official Garfield website - Please don't sue me, cheers!