11BONES: Don't Break The Circle

11BONES (make sure you scream it out, as it is in all caps) is an easy mod made for E1M1. The map shouldn't take all that long to finish; it's also not that hard to complete. One reviewer, Colin Phipps, wrote a review for the map, writing;

I finished [11BONES] in 15 minutes, and I was checking for HOM and other such problems. I would have finished it first time, but I tested too well - there are several places where you can get stuck completely. With only a couple of cacos for serious opposition, this PWAD lacks interest.

The creator of the map was Damon Brodie, searching up who Damon was came up with very little information, all we known about him is that his E-Mail was m0t3@unb.ca, and that he published one WAD in 1994. The README TXT file for this WAD is also no help at all...

Yet another DOOM level.... 11BONES.WAD Created with DEU 5.0 and BSP 1.0. FEATURES: - A completely new level. - Deathmatch ready. (Each warp in spot has a weapon) - Varying skill levels enabled. - All the textures match. This pwad is meant to be used as one of the lower levels. Some other levels feature 10 Barons/room, not so here. Feel free to include it in an episode compilation. Have fun... Damon Brodie m0t3@unb.ca

11BONES running on Crispy Doom version 5.3, with Doom I

One thing of note about the map was that it was reused in a 1998 32 level megawad called Mars War, that was made by Nathan Lineback (who you may better know about his "IE Is EVIL!!!" webpage). 11BONES replaced Map 25 in version 2.0, however, this would be removed in later versions.

The Mars War WAD that has 11BONES can be found via Nathan Lineback's website (direct download). The 11BONES map used in Mars War does have a few noticeable differences, such as textures, and a few new sprite to make the map look much nicer to view.


I. 11BONES WAD - Doomworld/idgames

Written by Clive "James" Python, 06/09/18