Banned Music on Soviet Radio

Here's something interesting I found today, it's a list of bands that were banned from playing on Soviet Radio, and why, c. 1980.

According to the photo, Madness (who are ska, and NOT punk) were not allowed as they were "Punk, Violence", Krokus (and not "Crocus" as the photo suggests) were not allowed as they were a "cult of personality", AKA meaning "propaganda".

Judas Priest were banned for "racism", I have zero idea to what this is referring to, as I can't think of any Judas Priest song that is about the theme of race. I suspect that this (and the upcoming Village People) was banned as one or more members of the group were openly gay.

American-born Swiss singer-songwriter, Tina Turner was banned for "Sex", and the highlight of the whole poster is that the Village People were banned for "Violence", this one is probably due to the "In the Navy" song, or the whole gay icon thing.

Re: Where I found the poster from