Good day, young Internet search astronaut, welcome to the part f my website where I link to all of the really bad WebComics I have made over the years. Some of the comics I've made are okay, mostly the later stuff, but a lot of my early work is just bad.

I'm not ashamed of any of the comics I've published over the years, sure I think some of the stuff I've made is unfunny, and bad, but hiding the fact that I made shit would just be daft.

Public Domain Comics (March 2016)

I'm not really sure why, but I made a website just for Public Domain comic books. Really not much to say about the website really.

Thinking about it, it's kind of funny that I would make something like this, as the website would not have been made today, as I just would have submitted the comics to The Internet Archive, and not bothered to write the code for the site.

OwlMan Random Comic (March 2016)

This comic is at its best when a photo is missing.

I guess that this is kind of a comic, but anyway, what it is all about is that it just lads a random comics for your pain enjoyment.

OwlMan Comic (May 2016 - December 2017)

This was the first comic that I published online. The comic is made up of geek/nerd humour that isn't very funny at the best of times.

The comic is also made up of some short and choppy animations I made, most of the animations are bad, but a least they're very short.

Fuck Dad (August 2017 - Today)

The idea of Fuck Dad comics from a WebComic I somewhat like, that being Fox Dad. What I would do was take a random comic from Fox Dad, and do my worst to it in Paint.NET, I would also butcher other WebComics a long the way.

Kent & Deniel's Plain Ol' Sunday (January 2018)

I quite liked Kent and Daniel, a WebCmic by UK artist catboots, however, the original comics was not in colour (a part from a few things), so I added colour to it. I wanted to use the same colours as catboots would have used, almost as if they made it themself. So I used a lot of their later Kent and Daniel comics as a reference to my work.

Some changes that I remember making was at first I made the sofa on page two a baby blue, however, in a lot of the comics the sofa is pink.

For Deniel's hoodie, I first used the colour blue, but looking at past comics, he has a pink one, so that's what I went for.

Overall I think I did a somewhat sloppy job on some places of the comic, it's more just little things that I don't like, but I think I did an alright job at colouring it in

Extra Fabulous Colo[u]rs (July 2018)

I'm a big fan of Extra Fabulous Comics, so I decided to add colour to some of the comics. To be honest, I think I did a good job at some of them. I also think that I did a really good job at making the web pages.

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