/vr/ Doom WADs

Here on this page are links to a bunch of Doom WADs that were made on 4chan's /vr/ over the years. If you have any comments, please shoot me an E-Mail.

Clive here for WADs I do know about, however, I am too lazy to index right now.


Very short WAD that doesn't really do much in the way of gameplay. It's not a very long mod to finish, it's quite simple at the end of the day.


Untitled Quake-themed WAD

WAD that is the same style of Quake. What's quite amazing is that this WAD can be played in a vanilla port for Doom such as Chocolate Doom



Not much is known about this WAD. It would seem that it is now lost to the sands of time, perhaps forever.

illicit engineering

Playing this WAD isn't very fun at all. This WAD would be something a robot would make.



Very short level for Doom II. Really not much can be said about this WAD apart from it's quite quick to finish.


Archaeologists Nightmare

A bad map.

Archaeologists Nightmare.zip


Very simple, and very easy WAD to play with Doom II. While there are no found bugs in this mod, the ending can be hard to find. Once you to the room with the red door with the two cacodemons, go to your right, and the level should end there.



Interesting looking WAD in the colour, however, there's really not much to show off with the game play of the map itself.


UAC Ambush

Somewhat of a bad map, that is somewhat unfun to play. Give it a go, or not, you're not going to miss that much...

UAC Ambush.zip

Pet The Cacodemon

Cute little WAD where you can pet your very own cacodemon!