Better Comics

T.H.E. Fox

T.H.E. Fox is one of the earliest webcomics online, starting in 1986 and running to '88.
The comic was published on CompuServe, Q-Link and GEnie, it was soon published on the web.

Cyanide & Happiness

Is one of the funniest webcomic I have found, all of their comics have made me laugh, plus, their 
YouTube channel is great! What's more is that they bring out a new comic every day.

Let's Speak English

This comic is about the time Mary Cagle (the one who made LSE) was in Japan as an English Teacher.
One thing to note is that there is some continuity and running jokes.

Extra Fabulous Comics

Is a great comic to read, as it can be very funny. Much like Cyanide & Happiness there can be some 
off-colour jokes (not saying that's a bad thing), however, most of the comics are light hearted.

Jim'll Paint It

Not *really* a comic, but, Jim always makes very funny MS Paint art that is always looks awesome. I can't 
really put into words how cool his work is.

Owl Turd Comix

A comic about how life is veddy odd some times and how bad it can get

Benji Nate

I love her comics, there so cool, I liked to read the comic Lorna, it's about a girl who
is trying to go on a date with a boy, but it does not go so well.
Benji Nate also has some more comics like Bad End, Rat Girl, Lights in The Sky, Void Boy and Misc

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