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Hi there, I'm Cass Python, although I am better known as "Owly". As a child, I had a love interest in computers, my biggest crush being the ZX Spectrum (that's 'zed ex' not 'zee ex'), my love for computers carried on until today.

I live in my home country of England, where the weather is surprisedly okay. I don't know why people like to drink tea, I think it's horrible and I bloody well don't know why you Yanks would want to have ice tea, blimey gov!

Apart from maintaining this site, I like to go on Discord and be a massive prick to my furry and weeaboo "friends". I'm not a furry or weeaboo, I don't own a fursuit nor do I own any Mangas.

I enjoy spending my free time on dumb subreddits like /r/BritishProblems/, /r/Vexillology/, /r/TotallyNotRobots/, /r/hmmm/, /r/BritishSuccess/ and other subreddits only creeps would like.

When I'm not fucking around on the Web, I like to shit around playing Doom WADs and writing crap I have the balls to call "articles". The only time I'm not on my computer is when I'm playing my shit music, I'm quite the fan of vinyl records and I have over 20!!!

If you had the honour of going on this site in 2016 you would have seen a lot of ASCII art, welp most ASCII on here is no more, if you give one shit, you can see what this site looked like in the past... if you really care that is.

And for no reason at all, here are ten amazing facts about me!

  1. You better not mess with me, I know HTML and I have Notepad++ on my PC
  2. I had a friend who went to my college who unironically made a meme Facebook page
  3. Americans have said I have a post accent despite the fact I don't have a posh accent
  4. I'm a big fan of David Bowie
  5. I like the computer game Doom a bit too much
  6. I was born sometime between 1980 and 2008
  7. Cass Python is not my real name
  8. I have blond hair
  9. I really hate memes
  10. My real name is epic_gamer_Xx

Yeah, I'm sorry if you were looking for a serious bio or something, IDK man. Look, I'll try and give you a serious bio on myself now;

I tend to write about dark subjects, not because I'm an edgy 90's teen, but because I like learning about other humans and why they think the way they do.

I'm a fan of most music, but I tend to play stuff pre-1990's (don't get me wrong, I do know that there is new good music) like David Bowie, The Beatles, Judas Priest, Metallica and anything that's playing on BBC Radio 6.

I would say that I'm a down to earth guy, I may seem like an edgy 90's teen at times, but, hey, don't we all act like an edgy 90's teen sometimes?

Anyway, must go now my fans are waiting and of cause by fans, I mean people to kick my teeth in. 'Appy Days!

All the best, Cass
19/01/2016 UK Time

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