08 July 2016 - The End of the Network Neighborhood

On the 5th of July was the end of the NN, a Neocities webring that less than 1% of the site was apart of. I would say that I had no idea that it was ending, but I knew. Lots of its members were leaving the NN like mad, 98plus even said (on his blog) "the webring i'm in and co-founded (remember that?) is on the verge of shutting down. yeah. the best way we can stay alive if is we get more members." Well, they only got one new member.

What's even more, on the NN YouTube channel 98plus posted a video (that's now been removed (I have a copy of it BTW)) saying the same thing he said on his blog, he also told us that "We need new members as soon as possable" and that we should apply to join the NN. I did apply on the day the video was put on YouTube, the fourth of April, four months later and still no reply from them. Jeez.

It even got to the point that I went to their Discord server (that is no loner up) and asked why they had not contacted me, this is what they said:
Jun 17, 2016
Marin the Technomancer: 
yeah, we have a general age requirements just because many of 
our members are over 18 and it's just... there can be issues i'd like to adoid.

OwlMan (Being 17 at the time):
Am I to young then?

Marin the Technomancer:
I don't think so, have you applied @OwlMan

I did but the NN never got back

Marin the Technomancer:
Oh. That might have been during my absence, i'll check the applications.


They never got back to me.