Name: The Evil My Little Pony VHS!
Made By: Clive "James" Python
Language: English
Published in: 2015
Word count: 249
Link: http://owlman.neocities.org/OwlMan/The_Evil_My_Little_Pony_VHS.html
About: This was a joke Creepypastas I made for my (rubbish) website 
It was a very hot day when i was in town, it was a old town with old buldings that looked very old, i went 
into a pornshop and i saw a my little pony vhs, thuis was odd as my little pony had never been on vhs as it 
was only made in 20010.

I buy the dvd, i look at it, on it it was written "My Litle Pony and the death of all the evil discord", 
it was odd becaued it was written in a marker penn i buy it for 19$ 99p

when i get home i put the vhs in my dvd player, it play, on the dvd there was a static image off Apple 
Jack standing up, she was looking at me, she had hyper realistic eyes and were red!!!

Apple jack had a night in his hand, she also had to say "Helo dave, how is u?"

pony, know my name and how old i was?

I called my room mate to come in, he got a crited bat in her hands and smashed the Vhs to bits, No more i say!

But i was to late the vhs was smashed in to 10000000 peaced

hwhy did u do that i asked him

becsaued i no that thet mlp-

Some one shot him!

my brother was die! nooooo i say as the Hyper-Realistic blood went on my foot

The End...?