Name: Twilight Sparkle meets Chin-Chin
Made By: Clive "James" Python
Language: English
Published in: 2015
Word count:  201
Link: http://owlman.neocities.org/OwlMan/Edit_of_Twilight_Sparkle_meets_Chin-Chin.html
About: Twilight hates her life...

*Please note that there will be Japaneese translations*
Realm 42: (Ponyvill)

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" said Twilight as she quickly walked around the Tree Library
"The Dark Lord is nealy here and I have no sacrifice for this month"

Ever since Twilight sold her sole to live for ever she needed to sacrifice ponys
to the dark lord, Chin-Chin

Suddaly a black figer poped out of no where and landed on Twilight's floor and 
roled around befor talking

"Ore wa o chinchin ga daisukina nda yo (Where are my sacrifice for this month?)"

"THE DARK LORD!" said Twilight bowing down "How nice of you to come... Look, I don't
have any sacrifices right now, but I will have dubble by-"

"Watashi no poni no fisshu Ando chippusu Spikeu (It is too late, I must take Spike)

"Spike w0t?" She said

Suddaly Chin-Chin was on the floor coved in blood

Behind him was Koyubi Pai Za Anime Hanta (Pinkie Pie: Anime Humter)

She had a gun in her hand- HOOF! HOOF! I MENT HOOF!

"The sacrifice of the month is you, Chin-Chin" said Koyubi Pai (Pinkie Pie)

From that day on Koyubi Pai (Pinkie Pie) was b0ss