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The transcript of The Frantic Caller (Area 51)

11th of September 1997

A man claiming to have worked at Area 51 called in to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

He spoke with the frenzied voice of a man terrified for his life, describing "extra-dimensional"

beings and plots by the government that would drastically, and horrifically, change our world.

Seven months later, on 28th of April 1998, Art Bell received another call, purportedly by the same man.

This time, however, he claimed the initial call was a hoax.

Ever since, there’s been a lot of debate surrounding these calls.

Was the first call real?

Or had it truly been someone testing out "wacky characters" on the Coast to

Coast AM audience, as the second caller claimed?


Art Bell: On the line, your one the air, hello?

Caller: Hello Art?

Art Bell: Hello

Caller: Hi... I don't have a whole lot of time... Um...

Art Bell: Well look, let's begin' by finding out werher you're using this line properly or not

Caller: Air-Area 51

Art Bell: Yeah, that's right. Where you a employee or are you now?

Caller: I am a former employee

Art Bell: Former employee

Caller: I was let go on a medical discharge about a wheek ago. And... And

[He is sobbing] I kinda been running across the contry... Um... Um... Man I don't knw were to start

They're... They're gonna, um, they'll triangulate on this position really, really soon

Art Bell: So you can't spend a lot of time on the phone, so give us somthing quick

Caller: Okay.. Um... Um.. Okay, what we're thinking of as, as aliens Art... They're...

Uh, they're extra-dimensional beeings that... An earlier precursor of the space program made contact with.

Uh... They are not what they claim to be... Uh... They have infiltrated a lt of, uh, uh um-uh a lot of-of-of

aspects of the Military Establishment and particuarly the Area 51

Uh... The disasters that are coming they... The Military... I am sorry...

The-the goverment knows about them and there's a lot of safe areas in this world

that they could begin' moving the population now, Art

Art Bell: But they are not doing , but they are not doing anything?

Caller: They are not!

They want the major population canters, wiped out... So that the few that are left will be

more easily controllable!

[Dead air for three seconds]

Art Bell: ...Discharged

[Caller is sobbing, dead air cuts for fore seconds]

Caller: ... I started gettin'...

[Cuts. No transmition for 30 seconds, after that up-beat music plays for 20 seconds]

Aer Bell: ... In some way somthing knocked us off the air and we're on a back-up systerm now-

New Caller: -It's ummmmmm.... The goverment or ummm-

Art Bell: I don't know

New Caller: It umm... Has to be somthin' odd

Art Bell: Now did you hear, now you tell me because you where listening

New Caller: That was awful strange

Art Bell: It was a really weird guy on the air when it went off?

New Caller: Yher, real weird-o

Art Bell: Like, uh goin' short of- short of soundin' paranoid-

New Caller: Yher

Art Bell: -Schizophrenic

New Caller: Like cryin' and everything

Art Bell: Yhar, yhar... Yhar

New Caller: Uh...

Art Bell: And how far into the conversation was it when it went off?

New Caller: Just a couple, just 15- 20 seconds, I'd say

Art Bell: Oh you guys really missed a call and I have a feeling someone didn't want you to hear it

New Caller: Ummm, 'cause it was really strange noise that I'm hearing Mark Ferming-

Art Bell: -Well that's right the network, the network went, off course immediately to a backup tape while

we try to figure out what blew-up here

New Caller: Uh-hu

Art Bell: So that's what you heard happoning

New Caller: Uh-hu

Art Bell: And now then, and now were on a back-up link system

New Caller: Uh-hu

Art Bell: to be on the air at all right now so... [Music plays] why I'm tellin' yar

New Caller: I'm on the air right now?

Art Bell: Your on the air right now. Well you better be, yes

New Caller: [Laughs a bit] And uh-

Art Bell: Where are you by the way?

New Caller: Michigan

Art Bell: Michigan

New Caller: Yhar I called the outher night, and uh, I wanted to ask for two things

Art Bell: Real quick!

New Caller: So I wanted to say one thing and ask another

Art Bell: Real quick!

New Caller: So I wanted to ask if you could play that, um remote viewing, one while you go to Egypt

Art Bell: Yes

New Caller: Oh and also I wanted to know uh...

The stuff about like Area 51 and if the governments trying to put it out there like that so...

Like some other places being watched as much?

Art Bell: So in other words your saying it's a big decoy, I see what you say

Well apparantly we're be back after the news. I think.

[Music plays on]



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it's great to be different

Hello There!

Hi there, my name is Clive and I like to surf the World Wide Web!

I'm only starting to learn HTML, however, I hope I will know how to properly use it soon

Oh, also look at my Creative Commons
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